Friday, July 12, 2013

Invicta Fighting Championships Is Setting The Standards



@InvictaFights has absolutely set the standards for all MMA promotions and has proven to skeptics everywhere that you can take 30 women with talent, heart, and passion for MMA, put them on one card and it turn out to be a complete success! We have seen fighters like; Liz Carmouche (@IamGirlrilla), Alexis Davis (@AlexisDavisMMA), Sarah Kaufman (@mmasarah)& Sara McMann (@Sara_McMann) completely awe us in their fights with InvictaFC and are now signed with one of mainstreams’ biggest and most known MMA promotions; The UFC. But don’t worry cause there’s a bountiful of phenomenal talent left in InvictaFC such as Shayna Baszler (@QoSBaszler), Tecia Torres (@TeciaTorres), Jessica Penne (@JessicaPenne)& Jessamyn Duke (@jessamynduke) just to name a few, these ladies are completely taking the MMA world for the BEST ride it has ever been on! I have been following InvictaFC since their first card back in April 2012 and I stay amazed with their Authenticity, True dedication to their fighters, and how absolutely dedicated and passionate the president of Invicta, Shannon Knapp (@ShanKnapp) is about her fighters and this wonderful sport of MMA! InvictaFC has given the ladies of MMA a place to call Home after years of fighting for the chance to prove that women have as much love and dedication as the men have for the sport, it has in my opinion put MMA back on the map and resurrected it’s fans, and brought thousands of new fans to the sport.

Just a little over a year in existence and Invicta Fighting Championships has done what no other promotion has been able to do for women in MMA history. Only 5 events in and already we have seen some of the most exciting fights in recent years, been introduced to some of THE most talented female fighters from around the world, and are about to see history, or should I say #HERstory made this Saturday July 13th, 2013 as InvictaFC 6 will be available on TV PPV; making it the first time EVER for an ALL-FEMALE MMA Fight Card. This card is stacked with crazy good fighters from Marloes Coenen (@MarloesCoenen) headliner of the main fight at the inaugural InvictaFC 1 & who will now face Cris “Cyborg Justino (@CrisCyborg) An amazingly talented fighter for the Vacant Featherweight Title belt to Bec “Rowdy” Hyatt (@RowdyBec) An aussie who made her debut at InvictaFC 4 against Carla Esparza (@CarlaEsparza1) for the Invicta FC Strawweight Championship, Let me remind you all that “Rowdy” has only been pro since October of 2011… hellooooo, that’s less than 2 years ago! There is endless talent on this card and these are just a few of which will take part in this HERstorical event! Head over to and Purchase the fight people, I’m telling you it is MORE than worth $14.95. Don’t forget to support the ladies of Invicta as well by stopping by their Twitter & Facebook pages and giving them Follows & Likes!  

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