Sunday, July 8, 2012

Talent is EVERYWHERE, Keep Ur Eyes Peeled

What is Up #MMAFamily & #WMMAFamily?!


Hey everybody, this is Gemini Snow or as most may know me on twitter @LatestScoop2012 I decided to create this blog to simply share my comments & opinions on the very misunderstood sport of Mixed Martial Arts as well as trying to promote up & coming fighters who may get overlooked for simply not having the "right" connections. I am in no way an expert, just a dedicated fan with hopes of seeing the sport catapult into a respected form of athletic expression for both men & women.


See I grew up with dreams of one day fighting in the UFC after watching the very 1st Pay-Per-View with the legendary Royce Gracie back in the 90's... I thought that I had finally found what it was I wanted to do with my life, but there was a little itty bitty  problem... I was a girl and I quickly realized that females were not only frowned upon but not allowed in the Octagon, so my little 13 year old heart was crushed (I think I just gave away my age lol) and i settled for other female accepting sports instead. Although I never gave up on the idea that a female would one day step into a cage and furthermore the UFC octagon, I put my dreams on hold and did the next best thing...I joined the Army. Almost 20 years later I'm super excited to say I am able to cheer for not only the BJ Penns & Yoislandy Izqieurdo's but also from the Gina Carano’s to the Cat Zingano's... wether you been fighting for years or just happen to be at the beginning of your amateur career, I wanna know and I wanna bring it to the fight fans everywhere! 


It may be too late for my own dreams of entering that cage but it is only the beginning for the ladies in the sport today... I want to bring attention to those fighters that get overlooked or simply fall through the cracks because the lack of exposure and support. Social media is a growing monster and can easily connect 2 people anywhere on the map, so I'd like your help in supporting up & coming fighters in both MMA & WMMA and with the addition of @InvictaFights & the very genius #MMAMomma Shannon Knapp (@ShanKnapp) (and of course Janet Martin @JLMartin54) I believe that no other little girls dreams will ever be put on hold or up in smoke because someone says

"You can't fight in this cage because you're a female"!  


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"Keep your eyes peeled, Talent is Everywhere, support your local fighters"