Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mikey Rukus Launches 2014 Tour with UFC 169 Pre-Fight Superbowl Weekend Blow Out

MMA Personality and Music Producer Mikey Rukus Launches 2014 Tour with

UFC 169 Pre-Fight Superbowl Weekend Blow Out


(Miami, FL)- Mikey Rukus, an MMA personality, commentator, host, and music producer, announced this morning that he will be launching a year long tour beginning January 31, 2014. The event will be a UFC 169 and Superbowl Pre-party at Tiff's in Pequannock, NJ to include a live concert, a live radio broadcast by KOTOMMA.com, VIP fighter meet-and-greet with Uriah Hall and Cat Zingano, and exclusive fight memorabilia give-a-way.

“This is going to be a crazy event,” said Rukus. “The UFC and Superbowl are going on that weekend and MMA and Football fans alike are pumped and ready for some action.”

Rukus will be traveling alongside the U.S. UFC PPV events and select televised events hosting pre-parties with live music, live radio broadcasts, celebrity appearances, and event give-a-ways. “This will be the first of many UFC pre-parties to come,” said Rukus. “We have a live tour scheduled that will throw parties in the cities where UFC events are being held through 2014.”


Rukus, who has been producing music for many years, began producing music for the MMA industry in 2010. He has prepared custom theme music for Invicta FC, WSOF, Cage Warriors FC and Legacy Fighting Championships as well as custom walk-out songs for notables including Mark Hunt, Renan Barao, Cub Swanson, Colton Smith and Michelle Waterson. He can often be seen at MMA events performing a guitar rendition of the National Anthem or a song during intermission as well as commentating various shows.

“I am very excited about this upcoming tour,” said Rukus. “We wanted to give UFC fans a chance to experience the fights in an engaging and fun environment and get to know the fighters in attendance on a more personal level.”

The UFC 169 Pre-Fight Party will be held on January 31, 2014 at 7:00 pm at Tiff's at 23 State Route 23, Pequannock, NJ. Special guest appearances by Uriah Hall and Cat Zingano. Tickets can be purchased at www.mmasignaturesusa.com.

The full Mikey Rukus Tour schedule will be released on www.molonlabemma.com. For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:

Tina Vidal-Smith
(786) 423-0577

About Mikey Rukus
Mikey Rukus is a MMA personality, commentator, host and music producer who began making custom music for the MMA industry in 2010. Rukus has over 150 clients and has produced over 200 songs in all genres of music, including songs for TV, film, video games, and live concerts.

About ML Management Group
ML Management Group was founded by a group of business executives and entrepreneurs to provide talent management specifically to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry. ML Management Group takes a comprehensive approach to MMA management, providing our clientele with a holistic approach and professional business environment for them to manage and further their careers, financial interests, and personal life objectives. Visit us at www.molonlabemma.com.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ronda Rousey: Editor's Villainess

The Ultimate Fighter 18 (TUF18) was supposed to be a “history making” event, The1st season to ever have female fighters in “The Ultimate Fighter House”, It was supposed to be more about the fighters, their families and their journeys leading to TUF18; but instead the lovely folks in suits trying to make ratings higher and a bigger buck decided to make it into an extreme editors paradise by turning Ronda Rousey into a villain; FoxSports1& UFC, I love y’all, but not cool! What they failed to highlight was the pure dedication and heart that Ronda & her coaching staff put into #TeamRousey throughout taping, all the extra time Ronda invested into “The Kids” (as she playfully called them) making them all feel like family by having cookouts to ease the homesickness, and even bringing Father’s Day gifts to ALL of the daddy’s in the house; yes even those on a rival team. Fighters on both teams were so impressed by Ronda’s realness and true champion heart that they are now part of Armbarnation out in Cali. In my opinion Ronda was far from any kind of bully on the show, she was given an opportunity to help support her peers in making another piece of history in the UFC and did the best she could under very stressful and obnoxious conditions at times. If you were to ask any one of the members of her team if they were satisfied with their coach, I’m almost positive they all will say heck yes!  

I wanna try and get you to see another side to Ronda Rousey, not who the editors on the show portrayed her to be, but the big hearted, competitive, shy badass who has overcome enough to make a grown man buckle at the knees. Knowing a little history on Ronda may change your negative views on her. It was 1987, the year that the world welcomed the future UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Ronda was born on February 1st in California to daddy Ron Rousey & momma AnnMaria De Mars (1st American to win a world Judo Championship by the way). Ronda was born into this world already training in MMA it seemed; her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck just like a Rear Naked Choke, and I’m sure although the Dr. was the one to cut the umbilical cord, it was Lil Ronda holding it off with an Armbar till help arrived. Having the cord around her neck caused a lack of oxygen which in turn caused problems with her speech throughout childhood. Kids repeatedly teased & bullied her because of it, which made Ronda even shyer than what she was. At 6 she took up swimming, something her dad and her did regularly, something which Ronda called “Their Thing”, he would even take Ronda to her swim meets. Ron told his daughter she’d win the Olympics one day, but he would never see her do so, Ron took his own life when Ronda was 8, changing Ronda’s life forever. AnnMaria knew her daughter could benefit from a hobby and knew that she needed something to help channel all those emotions from losing her dad, so AnnMaria started to let Ronda take Judo at the age of 11.

After a few years of training, Ronda had joined the United States Olympics Judo Team and by the age of 17 she had qualified for the 2004 Olympics. Although she didn’t place she was the youngest to compete; that same year Ronda won Gold at the World Junior Judo Championships. You would think that competing in the Olympics and winning numerous awards would be enough for any 20 year old, not Ronda… She put her focus on her dad’s words of winning the Olympics... she did just that; Ronda shook off the pressure of being Judoka AnnMaria’s daughter and won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics.  At the very young age of 21 Ronda decided it was time for her to move on in life and retired from Judo.

Ronda really didn't see herself joining the corporate world so she entered the world of MMA at 22, and given Ronda’s super competitive nature and true champion’s heart, she spent every minute trying to perfect her craft. After only a few amateur fights Ronda announced her plans to turn pro at only 24,  Armbar wins over WMMA greats such as Charmaine Tweet and Julia Budd proved Ronda was a force to be reckoned with and on March 3rd, 2012 Ronda seriously dislocated  long-time rival Miesha Tate’s elbow with an Armbar to become Strikeforce’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Ronda was quickly becoming the talk around town and it wasn’t long before it was announced that Ronda would become the 1st Female EVER to be signed to the UFC and on February 23, 2012 Ronda Rousey & Liz Carmouche made History by becoming the first females to ever fight in the UFC Octagon. Ronda beat Liz by Armbar in the first round making her the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion and bringing Ronda’s record to 7-0. Now we fast forward to December 28, 2013, today will settle a long rivalry between Ronda and Miesha Tate. Miesha has made it a point to down play Ronda’s talent and abilities leading up to this fight along with Ronda’s character and Ronda has done the opposite by giving Miesha props on her athletic talents, yet Ronda is labeled the mean one… Rubbish! Moral of my story here is as cliché as it gets “Don’t judge a book by its cover, and get to know the fine print”. Enjoy the fight everybody!   


 #UFC168 #UFC #BantamweightChampionship

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Official Racheal Blaze Exclusive Press Release BREAKING!!!

It is official, UCL (Unified Combat League) WILL BE MAIN SPONSORS for the "Blaze Kids Challenge" in Chicago 
Spearheaded by none other than the Trail Blazer Racheal Blaze herself. Racheal has been working 24/7 non-stop to get this event going for the kids of the Chicago area & now to have the UCL Sponsor it will truly help catapult the event even further...

HERE's The Official Statement Straight From Racheal Blaze PR Department


Unified Combat League (UCL) Becomes Main Sponsor of 
'Blaze Kids Challenge' Charity Event 

Chicago, IL (October 22, 2013) –  Unified Combat League (UCL), a fast-rising Northwest based MMApromotion, is proud to announce that they will be the main sponsor of this year’s 'Blaze Kids Challenge', a charity event hosted by the ‘Ambassador of Combat Sports’ herself, Racheal Blaze. The event will benefit the Unity Fighters First Foundation, a non-profit that lends support and guidance to young phenoms in combat sports. The '2013 Blaze Kids Challenge’ will take place Oct. 26 at Center-Fit Studio located at 2059 Albright Road in Montgomery, IL.

UCL, along with other major contributors such as Center-Fit, Intimidation Clothing, THE Skate Cartel, Thump Monkey, Elite Gear, AU Graphic Designs, True Prodigy Athletics, Pako Studios, Jimmy Barnes Photography, Full Mount MMA, Optimum Nutrition, Queen Kinetic Music and Gemini Snow, have come together to support Ms. Blaze and her cause. The charity’s motto ‘Unity Fighters First’ represents the importance of everyone in the industry working together – supporting and respecting one another, while always putting the fighters first. 

According to Jesse Eller, CEO of UCL“We are very proud to join other notable organizations to support Ms.Blaze and the Unity Fighters First Foundation. It is an honor to be the main sponsor of this year’s Blaze Kids Challenge and to be associated with a charity that offers guidance and support to young up-and-coming fighters. These young phenoms are the future of the sport. By supporting the ‘Unity Fighters First’ Foundation, we are investing in the future of combat sports.”

Through the Unity Fighters First Foundation (AKA ‘Blaze Kids’), young talented athletes get a great deal of exposure. The exposure garners interest from notable sponsors, presents great networking opportunities and helps them grow their fan base early on.  The foundation gives young athletes a great promotional platform. They are recognized for their accomplishments through fun activities like photo shoots, radio shows, interviews and events like the ‘Blaze Kids Challenge’.

The October ‘Blaze Kids Challenge’ will be the first of many and there are many great things in store for the kids, from fun strength & conditioning challenges to delicious food to great prizes! Prizes include CASH, apparel, training gear and even custom skate boards donated by THE Skate Cartel!  Admission is only $10 and parking is FREE. All proceeds will go towards covering the cost of the event. 

'Unity Fighters First’ Founder Racheal Blaze had this to say, “We are very excited about the event! It offers a different type of challenge, one that offers cash prizes to young athletes to take some of the stress off parents and grandparents. It is also a great opportunity for the kids to make connections with other athletes and also with potential sponsors.  I am pleased to have the ability to give back and show appreciation for the kids in Combat Sports through 'Blaze Kids'. This is something positive and an event the kids and parents will remember in the years to come!”

During the event young participants will test their physical skills such as power, speed and agility against their peers. There will also be food available for participants and spectators from 12pm to 3pm, along with a live DJ, booth vendors, a silent auction, cash raffles, pictures and more!

Special guests include Windy City Crush head football coach Richard Petroski Jr, several Windy City Crush football players, undefeated Super Middleweight Pro Boxer Mike Kujo Kurzeja(winner of the 2012 WSBC Light Heavyweight title) and several surprise guests will be in attendance.

The 2013 Blaze Kids Challenge’ will take place on October 26 at the Center-Fit Studio located at 2059 Albright Road in Montgomery, IL. Registration begins promptly at 10:30am on the day of the event and the challenge will commence at 11am sharp. Running shoes are required. Any workout attire that the participant deems comfortable can be worn. T-shirt will be provided to the first 50 kids by Intimidation Clothing.

For more information on ‘Blaze Kids’, please visit the official ‘Blaze Kids’ Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/RB.Blazekids/info.  For more information on this year’s main 'Blaze Kids Challenge' sponsor Unified Combat League (UCL), please visit www.unifiedcombatleague.com.

About Unified Combat League (UCL):

Unified Combat League (UCL) is a fast-rising Northwest based MMA promotion that delivers a multifaceted approach to the sport of MMA by offering distinct national platforms for both elite amateur and pro fighters. UCL's amateur shows act as a springboard for the best amateur MMAtalent in North America, giving them an arena to showcase their skills and build a solid fight record.  UCL's high-profile Pro-Am events showcase the best-of-the best from both levels. The well-established fight promotion hosts high quality MMA events in both the U.S. and Canada. The promotion recently signed a broadcast deal with UFA and will air their first televised event in early 2014. To learn more visit www.unifiedcombatleague.com.

About Unity Fighters First Foundation (AKA 'Blaze Kids'):

The Unity Fighters First Foundation (AKA 'Blaze Kids)' is a non-profit organization that lends support and guidance to young phenom’s in combat sports The proud MMA community is comprised of youths of various ages and ethnicities, and as such, 'Blaze Kids' endeavors to commit to a common purpose, and that purpose is to forge an environment of impartial winners and outstanding community examples. 'Blaze Kids' believes that investing in the future of young athletes has to start now, while recruiting many current and former professional MMA, Boxing and Football world champions or contenders to help pioneer and champion their cause.For more information please visit the official ‘Blaze Kids’ Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/RB.Blazekids/info.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Blaze Kids Challenge in Chicago

Click on the Picture for BLAZE KIDS Facebook Page

Chicago, IL is known to many as the home of the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox and of course the Blackhawks. Chicago is also known for it's Deep Dish Pizza, Sears Tower, & Navy Pier, but unfortunately it's known as well for it's overwhelming violence and crime among its youth. The City of Chicago and it's surrounding areas is in need of something that will engage it's youth, something that can bring them together in a positive way; I believe that something is the Blaze Kids Challenge Chicago which will be happening October 26th at the Center-Fit in Montgomery, IL and is also being sponsored by one of MMA's phenomenal apparel lines Intimidation Clothing. This event will challenge kids in ages ranging from 7-17 in Speed, Strength, Explosion, Endurance & more, the kids will have a chance to have fun and interact with other youth in a positive environment not to mention there'll be crazy awesome prizes including Cash, Apparel, Custom Skateboards & more, oh did I forget to mention awesome food including a nice pig roast "Yummm"! The event's head honcho is none other than the Ambassador of Combat Sports Miss Racheal Blaze,  As an Illinois native herself Racheal knows the importance of guiding the youth in the right direction & giving these kids a positive outlet that would deter them from running the streets. Combat Sports has proven to be one of the most positive - confidence building vises for those who may be led in the wrong direction. Our youth today is at the mercy of the unforgiving streets & it's peer pressure to fit in, so to have Miss Blaze put together such an amazing event that could help guide these youngsters into combat sports & away from the violent streets is admirable & courageous to say the least. "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" is not just an old saying, it's the absolute truth and Racheal is bringing that saying back... So make sure you make plans to attend this amazing event with your kids and bring the whole family to support our future generations!  

Make sure to check out the BLAZE KIDS Page on Facebook & keep up to date with all the info for the Blaze Kids Challenge 2013 in Chicago, IL  

Follow Racheal Blaze on Twitter @RachealBlaze & Go LIKE her Racheal Blaze Fan Page on Facebook 

Follow Intimidation Clothing on Twitter @IntimidationMMA & check out their website, its full of crazy awesome MMA wear!! www.IntimidationMMA.com 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miami's Own Yoislandy "Cuba" Izquierdo Is Bringing The Pain

I think the MMAWorld is sleeping on Yoislandy "Cuba Izquierdo, This kid is one true definition of the word Warrior! Yoislandy made his way from Cuba to the United States & he came with the same dream most of us have; to have a family, success, & a career your children can be proud of. I will be welcoming Yoislandy to the show "Gemini Snow's The Cage" September 3rd, 2013 @6:00pm (Central) and will be discussing his MMA career, his family & his home of Cuba! Watch some of this amazing video of Yoislandy before you hear him on the show!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Invicta Fighting Championships Is Setting The Standards



@InvictaFights has absolutely set the standards for all MMA promotions and has proven to skeptics everywhere that you can take 30 women with talent, heart, and passion for MMA, put them on one card and it turn out to be a complete success! We have seen fighters like; Liz Carmouche (@IamGirlrilla), Alexis Davis (@AlexisDavisMMA), Sarah Kaufman (@mmasarah)& Sara McMann (@Sara_McMann) completely awe us in their fights with InvictaFC and are now signed with one of mainstreams’ biggest and most known MMA promotions; The UFC. But don’t worry cause there’s a bountiful of phenomenal talent left in InvictaFC such as Shayna Baszler (@QoSBaszler), Tecia Torres (@TeciaTorres), Jessica Penne (@JessicaPenne)& Jessamyn Duke (@jessamynduke) just to name a few, these ladies are completely taking the MMA world for the BEST ride it has ever been on! I have been following InvictaFC since their first card back in April 2012 and I stay amazed with their Authenticity, True dedication to their fighters, and how absolutely dedicated and passionate the president of Invicta, Shannon Knapp (@ShanKnapp) is about her fighters and this wonderful sport of MMA! InvictaFC has given the ladies of MMA a place to call Home after years of fighting for the chance to prove that women have as much love and dedication as the men have for the sport, it has in my opinion put MMA back on the map and resurrected it’s fans, and brought thousands of new fans to the sport.

Just a little over a year in existence and Invicta Fighting Championships has done what no other promotion has been able to do for women in MMA history. Only 5 events in and already we have seen some of the most exciting fights in recent years, been introduced to some of THE most talented female fighters from around the world, and are about to see history, or should I say #HERstory made this Saturday July 13th, 2013 as InvictaFC 6 will be available on TV PPV; making it the first time EVER for an ALL-FEMALE MMA Fight Card. This card is stacked with crazy good fighters from Marloes Coenen (@MarloesCoenen) headliner of the main fight at the inaugural InvictaFC 1 & who will now face Cris “Cyborg Justino (@CrisCyborg) An amazingly talented fighter for the Vacant Featherweight Title belt to Bec “Rowdy” Hyatt (@RowdyBec) An aussie who made her debut at InvictaFC 4 against Carla Esparza (@CarlaEsparza1) for the Invicta FC Strawweight Championship, Let me remind you all that “Rowdy” has only been pro since October of 2011… hellooooo, that’s less than 2 years ago! There is endless talent on this card and these are just a few of which will take part in this HERstorical event! Head over to InvictaFC.com and Purchase the fight people, I’m telling you it is MORE than worth $14.95. Don’t forget to support the ladies of Invicta as well by stopping by their Twitter & Facebook pages and giving them Follows & Likes!  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

UFC157 Making HERstory for WMMA

UFC157 is here and I do believe it will be one for the record books, It's already getting more press than any other UFC fight in the history of the organization. Can this be true?! Can all this attention be for a women's main event, But of course! This isn't just any 2 female fighters, These ladies are about to break the barrier for future WMMA bouts in the UFC; Ronda Rousey & Liz Carmouche. Two warriors with very different compelling stories yet both with the same incredible drive. This fight will set them apart from any other ladies who will step in the octagon after them.


With all of the MMA World watching tonight I can only imagine the pressure these ladies are facing. It's damn near expected that people will be overly judgmental tonight no matter the outcome, but I tell you what, anyone that has anything negative to say about these ladies really should re-evaluate their lives. It takes courage and "Cojones" and these two truly have bigger ones than most men on previous UFC cards, so get ready y'all cause it will be a war and we all know that both ladies are more than ready to bring it tonight!

Stay tuned and hopefully y'all will be watching and supporting WMMA!